Stay the Blazes Home!

Premier McNeil told us all to
“Stay the Blazes Home”!

We are a not for profit Men’s Basketball League based in Halifax.  We came together as a group to see what we could do with our members.  Josh Forbes of R&M Rubber Stamp created the shirts and controlled our costs in an effort for our league to maximize our donation. The league is making an initial donation of $1,000 from extra fees collected due to game cancellations.  We listened to Dr. Strang and the Premier and told our players to “Stay the Blazes Home”.  Our league President’s company, Henry Schein Canada Atlantic Division, will donate 50 cents for every piece of apparel that is purchased.

We have chosen two important foundations in the fight against Covid-19 and will be donating 100% of the proceeds.  We have listed them below along with links to their donation pages.  Our donation will be split 50/50 among:

QEII Hospital Foundation Covid-19 Response Fund


Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation


We are doing this as a pre-order.  Choose your style, size and colour. 

All prices include shipping. 

First shipments are due to ship on or before April 30th.  Offer is available until May 15 (while supplies last).


Scott Thornton

Grandmasters Basketball League

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